7 & 1/4 Inch Railway

The Journey

Passengers will enter the themed indoor station to board the waiting train. With a blow of the whistle and you will be off on your journey, into a deep cutting, with views looking towards the coast, the engine now working hard as the line starts to climb with twists and turns before entering that station.

Motive Power

Young or old, we all love the sight a working a steam engine, the main work horse of the line will be the Exmoor engine with Royal Scot being kept for special events and backup.

However we know that steam engines sometimes need help which is why we are designing a diesel locomotive, with the aim to be launched in the second year from opening.

Find out about our engines on the locomotives section of our page.


We have chosen to have sit-a-stride carriages on our line. 

This came about after visiting many miniature railways to try their different designs, we found this one to be the most stable, comfortable and easiest to board and disembark.