Royal Scot 6100



Based on the full size L.M.S Royal Scot class. Built to 1/8 scale.

  • Wheel arrangement: 4-6-0 
  • Built: 1954
  • Designer: Henry Greenly with Steele adaptations
  • Builder: Lilliput using Bassett-Lowke castings
  • Walschaert's valve gear
  • Boiler pressure: 90 PSI
  • Weight in working order: Just over 1/4 of a ton
  • Length (with tender): 2.5 meters

Eric Booth at LWR in 1969

Eric Booth at LWR in 1969


Little is known about the history of the engine between 1954-68 other than it ran in Jersey. Bought by Eric Booth, in 1968 he built the Little Western Railway in Newquay especially for Royal Scot. In it's first season over 70,000 passengers enjoyed a ride behind her and Eric quickly bought a petrol engine to help with the work. Over the years she was steamed at different periods but the last steaming was 1997 when Royal Scot was stopped due to a life expired boiler. Having pulled hundreds of thousands of passengers over her lifetime the engine was put on display in Newquay........

Eric Booth with Royal Scot in 2009


Current day

......when Eric turned 90 he made the tough decision to sell both Royal Scot and Little Western Railway. The engine was sold separately to our founder who had known Eric for a number of years and could remember riding behind her in his childhood.

With the engine stripped down to the last nut and bolt it was clear she was in need of a complete overhaul, a brand new boiler was ordered and the hard task of getting every last bit of her in top working order started. When finished the engine will be outshopped in full LMS crimson lake livery, the first time in 50 years the engine will have been seen like this.